What Is a Fire Curtain?

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A fire curtain seals off wings, hallways, rooms, and other areas of a building so that the fire can be fought from inside. It restrains the spread of flames and holds back smoke so that people can escape and the fire can be extinguished more easily once everyone has evacuated. Fire curtains are a vital tool for fighting and saving buildings in extreme circumstances, but they can also keep structural damage to a minimum for less extreme situations.Learn more :https://fireshutters.uk

In theaters, fire curtains are usually installed in proscenium spaces. They can be used to control stage fires or protect the audience from behindstage fires. Many cities and states require fire safety curtains in auditoriums and other public performance spaces.

Maximizing Fire Safety with Reliable Fire Curtains

Fire curtains are typically motorized to allow them to descend on the event of a fire. They are powered by a lineshaft that is driven by tubular motors wrapped around the fabric. The shaft is supported by galvanized steel side guide rails to aid in the gravity drop of the fire curtain.

A fire curtain requires a team of firefighters to deploy it, and they must be in full PPE with SCBA to avoid exposure to heat and fire during this process. During positioning, the team must carefully maneuver the curtain to ensure it is properly positioned over the fire floor window and creates an effective seal. A spotter on the ground aides the team in this effort.

A fire curtain is a vital component in the fight against high-rise fires, and it can be deployed quickly to reduce the blowtorch effect. Its effectiveness depends on its specification, installation, and maintenance. Facility owners must invest in premium, fully compliant products and support them with a proper maintenance regime.

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