Track Your YouTube Analytics With the YT Lab Dashboard

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Precious time and resources go into making world-class content for a platform like YouTube. Regular deep dives into analytics help you see what’s working, where there are gaps and how to re-strategize. This link The YT Lab

The Overview tab provides a snapshot of key channel-based metrics, such as views (defaults to past 28 days), watch time and subscribers gained. It’s an easy way to keep track of performance over time. You can also configure which data points you want to be displayed and compared.

This is a great metric to track over time, as it shows how well your videos are keeping viewers’ attention. A high indicator means your video is delivering on its promise and a low one can indicate it’s time to review your strategy.

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This metric lets you know which videos are driving the most traffic to your channel, whether it be from a Shorts feed, playlist or search on YouTube. The research tab also tells you what keywords are guiding viewers to your videos, giving you insight into your audience’s interests.

This metric lets you see how well your videos are keeping audiences engaged at the end of a video. If a video has a high relative retention, it means that viewers are staying on the video for longer than similar videos in your channel and on YouTube overall.

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