Thailand Gaming

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Almost 32 million Thais are actively integrating gaming into their lives. Gaming has become popular in Thailand and has contributed to its overall economy. According to the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, the game industry is one of the most important digital sectors in Thailand. This sector includes games, animation, data analytics, and more.

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The Thai gaming industry is growing rapidly and is expected to generate more than a billion dollars in revenue in 2025. This is largely due to the global pandemic that has triggered an influx of mobile and electronic games.

The ช่วงเวลาแห่งความสนุกเมื่อเล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ industry has been growing at an average of 15 percent a year in the local market. NewZoo, an international gaming and esports analytics company, estimates the market value at $692 million in 2019.

The mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $200 million by 2021. Five hundred and thirty-one mobile game publishers are active in Thailand. A total of 1684 games have been published by these publishers.

Most Thai gamers are mobile-based. Women are more likely to play games on mobile devices than men. According to a survey, 96 percent of Thai gamers use mobile devices for gaming.

The market for gaming machines is also seeing a boom. According to Sony Corp, an estimated 600,000 to 700,000 handsets are sold annually.

The Thai government has been supportive of the growth of the gaming industry. They have also established the Digital Economy Promotion Agency to support the growth of the industry.

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