How to Wear Gold Statement Jewellery

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A gold statement necklace, for instance, is a beautiful way to dress up a monochrome outfit. It also works beautifully with other jewellery in the same metal tone, such as a pair of studs or a bangle. The trick is to balance the different lengths, pendant shapes and chains to create a look that feels elegant and sophisticated without being too heavy or overly chunky. Read more:

Pearls are another gorgeous choice of adornment for a statement-piece necklace. Pearls can be used in small amounts to add a hint of vintage glamour to daywear, or they can be worn in exaggerated sizes and designs for a more dramatic look. This style of jewellery goes particularly well with floaty dresses, peasant tops and flowing maxi skirts.

Unlocking the Artistry: How Gold Statement Jewelry is Crafted

Other statement jewellery pieces include beads and other textiles that are intricately crafted into alluring jewels in a wide variety of colours, shapes and styles. Fabrics like lace, ribbons, twine and mesh are also used in fashion jewellery to add a touch of bohemian chic to an outfit. The key to pulling off any jewellery trend is to ensure that your personality and demeanour match the power of the piece you’re wearing.

A good example of this is Miley Cyrus’s oversized Gator statement necklace, which demonstrates how a big, bold piece of jewellery can make a statement all on its own if it’s worn with the right confidence. Similarly, a chunky gold statement ring or bracelet can hit a style homerun with casual ensembles such as jeans and a t-shirt, instantly upping the cool factor of the whole look.

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