How to Preserve Live Resin

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Unlike other concentrates, Live Resin preserves more of the plant’s terpene profile, providing users with a fuller and more nuanced cannabis experience. These terpenes not only impact the aroma, but can influence effects as well. Some, like myrcene, are calming while terpinolene can be energizing. Often, terpenes work in harmony with cannabinoids to create a synergistic effect that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Because of this, you can expect a more potent and psychoactive effect from live resin. This is especially true for higher THC concentrations. For this reason, it’s important to start with a low dose and work your way up. If you’re not accustomed to high THC levels, we recommend consulting your budtender for help finding the right dose for you.

Live Resin: Extraction Methods and Benefits Explained

Like most other extracts, live resin can be consumed via dabbing or vaping with a rig like this or with our sauce pen carts (link to product page). It’s also great added to flower for a boost in flavor, aroma, and potency.

When consuming Live Resin, it’s best to use lower temperatures – 315 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for maximizing terpene preservation. Higher temps can quickly degrade the terpenes, resulting in less flavor and a more diminished effects experience.

Keeping your Live Resin in a dark, cool place is best to keep it tasting and smelling its best. Refrigeration is ideal, but keeping it in an air-tight container in a cool dark place is acceptable as well. Leaving it out in the open can lead to a breakdown in consistency and quality, so make sure you tighten your container after each use.

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