How to Make a THC Lean Bottle

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The THC Lean Bottle is a cannabidiol-based edible that can be made at home. Cannabis syrup has long been a popular home remedy for marijuana enthusiasts, but these days, prepackaged versions are making their way to dispensaries. Luckily, there are now plenty of simple ways to make your own THC syrup.

What is liquid karma thc syrup?

The basic THC lean bottle recipe calls for three components: cannabis, water, and sugar. Cannabis must be a deep gold or brown color. The amount of sugar should be roughly equal to one-fourth of the marijuana. Boiling the water will cause some water to evaporate. The result should be a syrup that has a ratio of three: sugar to water.

The next step is to dilute the THC syrup with a carrier liquid, such as coconut oil or glycerine. Mixing the cannabis extract with these ingredients will make it easier to dissolve into the drink. The liquid cannabis concentrate will then deliver the THC to the bloodstream more quickly, providing a longer and faster high.

When preparing a thc lean bottle, you need to decide on the dose that is right for you. The most effective dosage for newbies is five milligrams.

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