How to Go About Photo Printing on Metal

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Photo printing on metal | Canvas N Decor is a modern option for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their wall art. Printing on metal creates a stunning effect on your photos, making them look like art pieces that will stand out in any gallery.

Is it hard to print on metal?

When choosing your picture for your metal print, make sure you pick a high-quality image with no blurriness or distracting elements. These are pictures that you want to cherish for years to come, so ensuring they are sharp is essential.

The color quality of a metal print can be particularly impressive, allowing you to highlight your favorite photos in their most vibrant and eye-catching ways. The contrast created by the metallic surface makes colors such as blue and black pop more vividly.

Moreover, landscapes also tend to shine brighter in a metal print, as the shiny surface enhances the depth and beauty of waterways and leaves. This is especially true for photos of summer or fall foliage.

Choose your Finish

There are a variety of finishes available for your metal prints, from glossy white to silver satin. You can even opt for a high-gloss finish, which will add a glare-free and lifelike sheen to your photo.

You can also go for a matte finish, which offers a subdued, muted aesthetic that can be ideal for vintage or rustic style decor. The options are endless and the final product will be unique to you.

In addition to the finishing, you will also need to choose the mount for your metal print. We offer several options, including a magnetic hanger plate or an aluminum backframe. These are simple and versatile solutions for hanging your new piece of artwork, so you can display it in a way that works best with your home.

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