How to Choose the Best CBD Topical

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CBD topicals are a quick and easy way to target specific areas of the body. These products are most effective when applied directly to the skin and left to absorb at least an hour before being reapplied for best results. Often, it’s helpful to gently massage the balm into the skin for increased absorption and a more soothing effect. Many people report that applying a thin layer of CBD cream or balm several times throughout the day helps them manage their chronic pain and muscle tension.

Is CBD Lotion haram?

When choosing a best cbd topical, look for a formula that has both fast-acting ingredients like menthol and a blend of slow-release plant terpenes. Combined, these ingredients provide an immediate cooling sensation and long-lasting relief. It’s also important to consider whether the product you are buying is a full-spectrum or isolate CBD cream, as well as how the CBD is extracted. Look for the phrase “supercritical CO2” as this indicates a clean extraction method and higher-quality product.

Soul CBD was created to produce high-quality hemp-based products, and their CBD pain cream is no exception. It’s free of gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts to prevent irritation, and it’s made with organic and US-grown CBD. Their products are independently lab-tested and verified, and they offer a range of other CBD solutions including pet care products and CBD gummies.

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