Hiring a Private Immigration Lawyer

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When your immigration status is in question, or if you face criminal charges that could result in deportation, you need legal counsel you can trust. A private immigration lawyer can provide the personalized service you need and help you navigate the complex process of defending your rights.

Nonprofit organizations, such as the New York Association for New Americans, offer legal advice and consultations on citizenship applications, help with work permit renewals and citizenship classes at a lower cost than private lawyers. However, these organizations have long case backlogs and depend on public or private funding to operate. That means they often have to turn away people who need their services.

Private Immigration Lawyer: Why You Might Need Individualized Legal Assistance

A private immigration attorney may charge a flat fee for their services or an hourly rate. Generally, an hourly rate is more expensive than a flat fee. The amount you pay also depends on the complexity of your case and whether it has a deadline. If the case requires a lot of research, or you need to appeal a decision, it will take more time and will therefore cost more.

If you’re considering hiring a private immigration lawyer, make sure they’re licensed in your state. A license to practice law in a given state is important because different states have different laws and rules governing how an attorney should practice. It’s also important to check the state bar for disciplinary records. Also, avoid hiring an “immigration consultant” or a notary (a person who doesn’t have an attorney’s license). They can be dangerous and may commit crimes.

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