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antique screen door push bar

The antique screen door push bar hardware of the past adds a nice touch to any building, especially those made from tin or porcelain. They can be found at auctions, antique shops and even in the homes of collectors. One of the most sought-after pieces is the old door push bar, which was used to tell customers where to place their hands in order to open doors. These old push bars often had words on them that read “Push,” “Come In,” and other greetings to attract customers.

The Timeless Charm of Antique Screen Door Push Bars: A Buyer’s Guide

In addition to their function as a door greeters, these antique push bars were also designed as a kind of advertisement for the store owner or business. Many of them were tin or porcelain, which saved wear and tear on the door itself. This made them an asset to small businesses, such as country stores and diners. Some even acted as a crash bar for the doors, saving store owners the expense of having to build one themselves.

Today, these old door pushes are a popular collectible and can command high prices at auctions and other venues. Their design and functionality make them a great addition to any home or business, as well as an interesting piece of history for the collector.

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